Capitals Can't Wait - see why

The role players must do a better job of carrying out their assignments for the Capitals along with some of their defensemen holding onto the puck in the corners of their own zone. It's well known that great players skate to the open ice and the puck naturally finds them, but if the Caps can't win more possessions it makes it increasingly difficult for their top players to get quality scoring chances.

Rumors are running rampant that Brashear may not dress tonight, which seems ludicrous. Although many know his role all too well as enforcer, he also has become one of the team leaders. By carrying out his checks, fighting for loose pucks, and fighting in the corners for possession he fights for his teammates. He's also an inspirational leader that gets every member of his team to perform at a higher level.

As the returning captain, Clark was able to spur the Caps on to victory with his leadership during the Rangers series, but has appeared silent since that time. During most of the trying times for the Caps this past season, the team has leaned on two players - Fedorov and Brashear. To not have one of the team's leaders on the ice would be a monumental mistake. The league will always monitor his play due to his history, but the Caps are a better team with him on the ice. See this website matilda tickets london

Someone must step up to inspire the Caps and urge the team that the current effort isn't good enough to take a seven game series against teams still in the playoffs nor is it good enough to win the cup. If the goal is to bring the Stanley Cup to DC, then the Caps must play a more intense game for 60 full minutes. They're more then capable to advance to the next series and beyond. This Caps team has more scoring threats then Pitt. The Caps won their own division. It shouldn't surprise anyone to see Washington advance; it's been in their hands the entire time.

Capitals Can't Wait For Game 6

The Caps now find themselves down 3-2 in the series and face elimination with a loss vs. the Penguins. Washington can no longer wait for a momentum changing moment in their favor. This is not the same Capitals team that has faced the Penguins in the past and especially in OT. Caps/Penguins OT Playoff History looks pretty bleak, but unlike the Caps team's in the past the current roster boasts plenty of talented scorers and finishers.

This team can win face offs and now has a stopper in the net. Previous Caps teams lacked the bonafide scorer other then say Bonrdra or Ciccarelli. Those teams had to rely on great defense and gritty play to help augment scoring and try to keep the scoring low to be competitive. They basically had to play as perfect as possible to steal a game from Super Mario, Jagr, and Stevens.

The current Caps team is as talented if not more so then their counterparts. The constant web through the history is the hard work demonstrated by the role players for the Penguins. They've fought and won loose pucks to provide their skill players more possessions, shots, and scoring chances. The Caps will need to follow suit to allow their stars to shine bright. There's no reason that after being up 2-0 in the series that the Caps couldn't close it out and there's no reason the Caps with the better goaltending and scorers still can't wrestle the series away from Pittsburgh. For more look here: cheap tickets for cinderella on broadway

The question has really been since the end of the season, how bad do the Caps want it? The level of effort for a full 60 Minute game waned towards the end of the season and into the playoffs. The Caps played well enough to battle back to eliminate the Rangers in 7 Games in Round 1 after falling behind early in the series.

The Capitals scored enough goals in a period of sustained effort in each of the two games, but haven't put it all together. What are the Caps waiting for? The Caps can't wait for Ovechkin to carry them on their shoulders and can't wait more shut out victories by their sensational rookie goaltender. Time is running out. As Apollo Creed said in Rocky III, "There is no tomorrow."

Michael Vick:Are NFL Teams Ready 2 Give a 2nd Chance?

"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" - Batman. Michael Vick may not be the "devil" as the waterboy's mother aka Kathy Bates referred to just about everything, but after completing a two year prison sentence, Michael Vick is once again ready to resume his NFL career.

Should Michael Vick be given a second chance? Absolutely he should be given a chance to return to his career in the NFL, it's a job that doesn't involve animals and the cruelty to them that caused his incarceration. He's nowhere near close to being in a position to test his judgment with regards to animals, but at what point does a team want to subject itself to the cavalcade of the media circus and the constant scrutiny day in and day out pertaining to Vick?

Two years removed from the game itself, there'll be many questions regarding his conditioning. Vick appeared to be on the cusp of breaking new career highs. In 2006, he passed for 20 TDs and 13 INTs. Ideally Michael Vick would want to find a team that already had its core group of veteran leaders and a proven starting QB for him to back up. He would take a back seat in the spotlight.

Who Could Use His Services?

The Patriots:

New England would be an ideal match where Brady, Belichick, and the group of veterans on the team would provide the stability needed for Vick. If there's a team that can coach anyone up to their top ability it's the Pats. This situation isn't likely to occur. The Pats generally have moved towards signing younger players without character issues.

The Seahawks:

Seattle could be another prime destination with a pro bowl starting quarterback in place, except for the fact that the very coach that created friction with Vick is running the show in Seattle.

The Saints:

New Orleans could be a nice fit with Brees, Bush, Shockey, and a potent offense already in place, but do the Saints want another distraction?

After all the top teams having established quarterbacks with a winning track record have passed, Michael Vick may need to look for more local seo services london of a challenge regarding winning and the media circus.

The Panthers:

Carolina could use an upgrade at QB and someone to replace the aging Delhomme, but Vick still hasn't proven that he can win with his arm and not his legs placing the Panthers offense in the same situation they're in now.

The Raiders:

How can anyone rule out Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders. Davis loves a strong arm and speed. Knowing that Davis covets such attributes Vick could be the fit at QB he's looking for if Russell fails him.

The Vikings:

Minnesota could be the best possible situation as far as starting positions go. He'd be an upgrade and he'd have the added benefit of having the support of one of the best active running backs in the NFL in Peterson.

Teams have plenty of time to play the waiting game as training camps and the pre-season approaches. Vick may have to wait until the season starts for an offer to appear. He'd be a high risk high reward addition for any team, but could also be someone's kryptonite for a team looking to improve due to all the distractions.


Redskins Options For the Draft

As the Redskins prepare for the upcoming NFL Draft next weekend in Losenoidoomock, they should look at their roster over the next few years to formulate a plan to better position themselves not just this coming season, but in future seasons too. The lack of looking past the current season has been a sticking point for Redskins fans for years now. It's blatantly obvious how poor the pass rush has been for the past two decades, as well as how much criticism the offensive line has received. These are two most immediate areas of need for the team, but neglecting other positions could prove just as disastrous in the long term future of the team.

The team's most productive unit the past couple of seasons has been its linebackers. They've been worn down due to the lack of pressure and production by the front four. The Skins already released Marcus Washington. London Fletcher played most of the season despite various injures and will turn 34 in May. Rocky McIntosh battled through aching knees down the home stretch of the season and may face these problems the rest of his career. What once was the strength of the team could quickly become the weakest if adequate steps aren't taken. Re-signing Washington would be a good start.

Portis has carried quite the load since coming to Washington. Gone are the gashing long runs that Portis had in Denver and in comes the power running game that's shouldered most of the load for Redskins victories all on Clinton Portis' back. He's nearing 30 and with the pounding Portis takes the team should look to find the next running back for the team.

Here are a few possible options to help acquire some draft picks and talent:

• Trade Randel-El and Betts to the Bengals for a 2nd Round Pick. It makes sense and helps both teams. It's a win-win scenario. The Bengals desperately need help at running back and receiver. They lost Houshmanzedah in free agency and can't feel comfortable with Benson as their primary back. The pick would allow the Skins to draft either the top interior lineman in the draft or a running back to become the heir apparent to Portis. Portis is wearing down and can take only so much more punishment before the game starts to slowly slip by him. The Redskins could also sign a veteran free agent running back to a short term deal one or two years and make drafting a running back next year a top priority.
• Sign a veteran free agent corner back (several have been released recently from Dre Bly to McAlister) to a small short term contract and trade the self - proclaimed all pro corner back Carlos Rogers for a 2nd Round Pick. It wasn't the best year to shop for a cover corner back this offseason and left many free agent corners garnering more favorable contracts than expected due to the shortage of corners. Roger's improvements last season along with his relatively young age and short supply of corner backs should prove useful in acquiring a top pick. Trading Rogers would make RB & CB top areas of concerns next season, but allow the Redskins to address the needs at OL, DL, & LB.
• Trade down a few places in the draft (if possible - after all it takes two teams to make a trade and another team has to want the Skins pick) to acquire an additional pick in the 2nd Round and draft the same player they would have taken with their 13th pick. The Redskins have shown the ability to trade up and down but have also made some blunders by giving up too much to move up or move so far down that no immediate impact player was available. You can visit:  tickets book of mormon

The only positions that Q- hopes aren't taken in the draft are receivers and really who can blame him. Hopefully the Redskins will take a much more proven and logical long term strategy and approach entering the draft and stabalize the roster.


The Official Simeon Varlamov Coming Out Party

The DC Sports Page Apologizes for the Entry Not Being Posted Sooner - Original Posting From April 21st!!!! Due to a system error the article below by Steph Bagley of ESPN The Magazine and wasn't posted when it was originally written. We sincerely apologize and hope everyone enjoys the EXCELLENT Article by Steph!! - The Sports Freak.

Saturday afternoon, when Boudreau made the game-time decision to start Varlamov over Jose Theodore, many hockey fans-especially in New York- heard the name “Simeon Varlamov” for the very first time. He did a solid job, and earned some verbal shoulder-pats for only letting in one goal. By 10:00 PM last night, Varlamov not only earned his second start and first win; he became the steel-cast foundation of the vaunted Capitals Iron Curtain.

The beer bottles have been cleared from the Garden ice, Sean Avery long-since continued on home after his 10 minute misconduct sent him to the showers early and Coach Tortorella’s admission that the Rangers D “stunk” has been splayed across the New York papers. One thing has not lost its novelty: the magic that took place between the pipes for sixty minutes last night. See here the  wayback machine sherman

The 20 year-old rookie goalie from Russia stole the show by stopping 33 shots and blanking the Rangers in their own house. When you combine that with his Game 2 effort, Varlamov has only let in one Rangers goal in 57 shots.
As the old adage goes, “goaltending wins Cups.” If Varly continues to read shots like Chris Drury’s third period rocket that appeared to have him beat as he dove right and the puck veered left until he swung his legpad out in the complete opposite direction to stop it in its tracks…the Rangers are in trouble.

Varly’s playoff track record seems to hint that the Blueshirts might need to call a Code Red while Caps fans are busy Rocking the Red. Last spring, in 16 playoff games with Russian Super League team Yaroslavl, Varlamov had a 1.62 GAA and five shutouts on his way to lead his team within one game of a championship.

Rangers backstop Henrik Lundqvist, who had held the Caps to a spectacularly-low single goal in 77 shots prior to the 4-goal assault last night, had little defensive help last night as the Rangers relied (too) heavily on him and also went 0 for 5 on the PP. Henrik still put on a solid performance, but you can’t expect to win if the other team trumps your trump card.

On a night where the other Russian stars put on stellar performances and solid numbers, Varlamov was the most significant impetus for the quiet that set in over the Garden Faithful. Alex Semin put up two goals and three points, Alex Ovechkin recorded a pair of assists and Sergei Fedorov had an assist on Brooks Laich’s second period power play goal.

Varly, his performance and his celebratory “glass of milk” have been the buzzwords in the hockey blogosphere all day, with Varlamov being a top trending topic according to

While Ovi put on an exceptional defensive show with his superman-like pokecheck and also notched two assists, if we see a similar shut-down performance from Varlamov Wednesday night for Game 4 in New York—DC might just have a new golden boy with a Russian accent…. who does not wear No. 8.